Reviving the Art of the Handwritten Note

The Rootsy Stationery of Tyler Browning

‘There’s something a little more heartfelt and personal about a handwritten note than there is with a call or text’. Born and raised in Nashville, Tyler Browning upholds that good manners are essential to every young man that ever had an upbringing in the south. Starting his own stationary line, Tyler adds his own touch of masculinity and vintage aesthetic to revive an age-old practice, the handwritten note. Oak+Ink is bringing a vintage sense of sentiment and style to modern personalized stationery. ‘I knew the vision I had in my mind, but needed the courage to put those visions onto paper. Literally on paper.’

Tyler’s knack for design is clearly evident in his beautifully crafted stationery collections. Not only does Oak+Ink stationary feature masculine themes such as anchors, fly hooks, and antlers, but each collection bears the name of an important male role model that has played a part in Tyler’s life. ’Each of the lines are inspired and named after significant male figures in my life. They’ve been such an influence on me and who I’ve become. I’ve found that this is kind of a way to pay homage to them and show a sign of respect back to them. The imagery is based on their occupation or a personal hobby, or an icon or image that is representative of their characteristics. Growing up in the south, the culture is deeply rooted in tradition and custom. My family is really into tradition and where we came from. That’s why I chose to feature these male figures in my life.’

Oak+Ink stationary has been used in a variety of creative ways and Tyler is always excited to hear that his handiwork is being put to good use. ’Strangers send us messages to tell us that they received a note on our stationery and not only admired the paper but loved the thought that is behind it. We’ve had a couple using our stationery as clues for a scavenger hunt leading to their engagement, and a groom writing wedding day letters to their bride. It’s stories like this that keep this art alive and growing.’


Whether he’s exploring flea markets or is on a coffee date with his wife, Tyler absorbs the cultural heritage of Nashville and lets it fuel his next inspiration.


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