Passion in Every Brushstroke

The Real-Life Paintings of Lauren Marie Breaux

New Orleans has always been a vibrant city but the real-life moments that Lauren Marie Breaux translates into paintings are bringing new colors to surface. Whether she’s exploring the architecture and tranquility of New Orleans’ cemeteries or taking in the cultural mesh of the French Quarter, Lauren has her camera ready to snap away at what inspires her. “I bring my camera with me everywhere. I don’t like to paint something that I personally wasn’t there for, cause you don’t know how it felt. So I just take pictures and usually when you get home and look through them, you find that one where you’re like ‘man if I don’t paint this then my heart’s just gonna explode.’”

Lauren has a gift for seeing things in a different shade. Her passion and emotion are evident in every brush stroke and color she weaves into her work. “I’ve loved art as long as I can remember and have always been dabbling in one way or another. I found my passion in acrylic paint in the past two years. It’s easy to stay inspired when you are painting what you love. When I have a ton of commissions I’m working on and it starts to feel a little heavy, I always make time to paint something that I personally am inspired by. It could be my friend dressed up as a pirate in the french quarter, or my favorite burlesque dancer sitting outside the venue cat calling people to come in.”

Each work of her works has deep personal value. She can tell you the story behind each painting and how it moved her to create it. It’s almost as if she doesn’t just want to paint, but she has to paint. One painting, in particular, titled ‘Gibson on Bourbon’ shows how personally invested she is in what she creates. “That’s one of my best friends in the world. His Gibson guitar was passed down to him from his grandfather. It’s probably from the 50’s or 60’s. That was the day before Mardi Gras. He doesn’t really busk for the money, it’s more about the experience to him. I snapped I pic of him and was just like ‘I love you as a person and I love this experience, so I’m going to paint you.’”

Lauren captures life in New Orleans through her paintings and in return, the creative culture embraces and supports her pursuits. “New Orleans is such a welcoming community, artistically and otherwise. There is always someone there to remind you to keep following your dream.” She plans to do some traveling this summer, “When I travel I always notice that my color palette seems to change.”, but the timeless culture of New Orleans will always be there waiting to be painted by her.

“I do this because I can’t imagine doing anything else now. How could I go back when I’m living my dream?”


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