Channeling Your Inner Superwoman

Who says a blogger has to stick to only one subject? For Portia Smith, that was not an option. “I have so many things I want to write about that I don’t have enough time for. When I started I was told ‘you need to pick a niche’. People kind of looked down on the idea that I was doing life stuff all across the board and they said I needed to pick fitness, fashion or whatever if you want to be successful. I’m now veering into writing about travel, and If I decided to only write about fashion, then that opportunity might not have been available.” In her blog Obsessed By Portia, you’ll find posts about fashion, dieting, fitness, travel, beauty, music, and Portia’s experiences being a mother of 2 daughters ages 4 and 6. That’s quite the lineup for a single blog but through her writing and direction, she is able to weave each diverse post into the overarching principle of channeling your inner superwoman.

Obsessed By Portia started about 2 years ago as she wanted a way to find the mom-life balance. “I needed a creative outlet. I have always loved writing and I started writing just to inspire myself. People give me energy so I go to events a few times a week and just being around other creatives whether they’re photographers, writers, bloggers… it just electrify’s me. Being in a creative community inspires me in itself. With my blog, I’m kind of the guinea pig. I try things and my goal is to get people, especially women feeling uninspired, outside of their box.”

Living in a rural area just 45 minutes outside Seattle, Portia loves having the ability to jump into the culture and excitement of the city and then be able to retreat to a quieter setting. “I have a complete admiration for Seattle. I love the people, I love the weather, I love the energy and I love that you can be very casual and find a good vegan restaurant or dress up and dine at a 5-star luxury restaurant. I go into the city about 2 to 3 times a week and every time I come in there is something new and exciting but then it’s also nice to step away and reevaluate.”

“It’s been said that when you challenge yourself, you’re better mind, body, and soul. With Obsessed by Portia, I challenge myself by trying to do something different every week. I guess in the PNW, we all have a little bit of adventure in us.”

Natalya G