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The Enticing Calligraphy of Alane Gianetti

“I’m happiest with a pen in my hand, sketchbook in my lap, and music in my ears”. Alane Gianetti has good handwriting. Not just good as in legible, but good as in gorgeous, fashionable, fun handwriting. In fact, she’s made a business out of it. Her calligraphy ranges from watercolor brushes to flex nib pens and she does everything from weddings to holiday cards. “I practiced every single day, writing simple words like “hello” (which will always be one of my favorites!) and working my way up to lettering my favorite song lyrics and movie quotes. Then, about a year and a half ago, my friend was getting married and asked me to address her wedding envelopes. I was so excited to have the opportunity to play a small part in her special day. That was the first time that I really considered pursuing calligraphy as a business, but once I made that decision to put my work out there and actively seek new projects, I haven’t looked back!”

Alane originally majored in studio art but she’s found the connection between calligraphy and illustrations. “Sometimes it’s hard to say why I ended up doing calligraphy as opposed to drawing, but at the same time, I find that they’re all connected. Even though I’m not necessarily drawing the figure or a landscape, I’m still using my hands to create something and that is what’s most important to me — to fulfill the constant need and desire to create. I’ve always loved words, whether they be in a book or a song or something someone has said, so it just sort of makes sense that I have found a way to turn them into art”.

Living in the greater New York area, Alane has no shortage of creative inspiration. “Whether it’s a museum, someone’s studio, or a piece of graffiti, I feel like I’m constantly in contact with a lot of creativity”. She has also partnered up with a local stationary store to promote her calligraphy. “I’ve found that people really like knowing where the work is coming from and they especially love it when it’s from a local in their community. Recently, I held my first workshop at the store and it was so fun and rewarding! Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and it gave people an opportunity to try a craft that they’ve been interested in, but haven’t had the opportunity to actually get started on their own. I loved being able to share my passion with others and it was so rewarding to see their excitement and watch them develop a set of skills and their own styles in such a short period of time”.

“I’m always up for new projects so if you have an idea, I would love to help bring it to life!”


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