A Classic, Effortless Sense of Style

The Menswear and Lifestyle Blog of Ryan Rosenkilde

Personal style, grooming, food and drink… all the pomp and frills that the cultured Renaissance man of today should be well accustomed with can be found on Ryan Rosenkilde’s Orange County-based style blog, Brick & Vine. “It started when I graduated college. I had majored in creative writing and realized that that wasn’t the best way to make a living. So I got a job in marketing and from there started Brick and Vine as a way to take what I’m passionate about and combine it with writing. It really was just so that I wouldn’t lose my mind from my 9–5 day job. Brick & Vine started more as something for myself but it turned out that there was an audience for it”.

The symbiosis between Ryan’s personal style and his creative writing make each blog post unique and exciting. Brick & Vine has a sense of finesse and aesthetic to it that supports the casual, laid-back and elegant culture of southern California. Ryan describes Brick & Vine as “grounded in the idea that style should be unique and personal, not to mention simple”.

Ryan covers a lot of ground in Brick & Vine. Posts such as ‘Classic In A Camel Coat’, ‘A Very Merry Moscow Mule’, and ‘How To Renovate A 1950’s Kitchen’ can give you an idea of the diverse subject matter Brick & Vine harbors, but first and foremost Brick & Vine is a menswear and lifestyle blog. “Personally, I hate the word ‘fashion’. I feel it has this very stuffy, haughty approach to it. I like using the word ‘style’ because for me, I dig clothes and I dress the way I want to dress. I get so many people reaching out to me that are like ‘oh, finally a blog where I can actually look in my closet and recreate what you’re wearing’. For me, it’s about a classic effortless sense of style rather than a stuffy, dressed-up, off-the-runway kind of look”.

The name Brick & Vine originates from Ryan’s love of photographing vine covered buildings. From his personal style to his creative writing, the amount of creative passion and personal detail Ryan has put into this blog is what makes it so great. We’re looking forward to seeing more posts soon!


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