“This Is What I See”

The Vibrant Abstract Paintings Of Leah Nadeau

From the Haight-Ashbury district to the stretches of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco has always been a city of vibrant colors, and Leah Nadeau has been channeling those colors through her evocative abstract paintings. “People in San Francisco are so positive and upbeat and love to soak up as much culture as possible. Living in the bay area has been one of the best things to ever happen to me in regards to my art because it’s such a nurturing environment.”


Leah has been painting since 2014 after enrolling in several art history courses. After studying the artistry of Jackson Pollock and other notable abstract painters, Leah discovered her passion for abstract painting and immediately set to work. “For me, painting is my passion. I know it sounds cliche, but I can’t get the thought of it out of my head. I am a very perceptive person and I am always taking in color palettes around me when I am not painting, to take into account when I am painting. I honestly get a lot of inspiration from everyday life. I take in color palette ideas every time someone walks past me on the street. Just the other day I was inspired by a notebook. I’m inspired by a lot of things, and for many reasons but usually what inspires me the most is what I have trouble understanding. Maybe it’s the mystery of the unknown.”

Despite the expressive and spontaneous nature of her art, Leah meticulously plans every one of her paintings through sketches and outlines. “When I paint, there’s always, in my mind, a focal point of the painting. Since I am an abstract artist, I try not to tell the viewer what I think the painting is, because I hope it inspires the viewer to look upon my art and find their own meaning within it. With abstract art, it’s obviously hard to direct the viewer to what you want them to see but it’s rewarding because I love to hear what other people think of my paintings. One of my friends thought that I purposely made a painting spell out ‘Love’ when it was actually just geometrical shapes that I had spread out. So she connected in her mind that it spelled ‘Love’ and I didn’t even notice it until she said something. For me, I’m not even sure what it was but it just all made sense after someone that didn’t paint it came forward and said ‘this is what I see’.”

The creative culture of San Francisco lies as the perfect backdrop for Leah as she continues to express herself through her paintings. Her work is featured in monthly art shows where she gets to showcase her art with other like-minded creatives and artists. “The culture here is very soothing. What’s great about the bay area is that if you get too anxious about being in a big city where everything is moving, there’s always a park nestled away somewhere where you can just sit down, relax and take a breather.”


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