A Collection Of Like-Minded Things

Sydney Pfaff already had a location in mind when she knew she wanted to open her own boutique. “I would go on these walks where I would wander around the city looking at empty spaces. I already knew where I wanted to be and I ended up getting the space within a month.” Now nestled right between the financial district and Chinatown, Legion is one of San Francisco’s most exclusively stylish retail shops. Legion is known for carrying the hard-to-find brands sought after by fashion enthusiasts. Legion not only carries clothing but jewelry, ceramics, artwork, books, sunglasses, soaps and other apothecary items as well. “I hate to use the term ‘lifestyle’ shop because that’s really vague but it really is all the sort of stuff you would find in a home.”

“When I was originally playing around with the idea of running my own business, back when I still had a full-time job, I traveled to Bali a lot and I wanted to start a leather handbag line because they have great quality leather and lots of really skilled artisans. I was at this place call Legian, it’s an area of Bali. And I thought how cool it would be to start a handbag line with have the bags made here. I wanted to call the line Legion because of that. Legion is a pretty strong name and it kind of means an army or collection of like-minded things. The handbag line never happened but the store did. Eventually, I still want to do the handbags but I’ll save that for another day.”

Not only is Legion right in the hub of some amazing boutique stores and creative outlets but it’s within walking distance of Sydney’s home. “The location is about 2 blocks from North Beach and 2 Blocks from Jackson Square, both of which have a lot of great shopping, but for me personally, It’s close to where I live. I don’t drive. I can walk or ride my bike. It’s a great location and there’s a killer coffee shop 2 doors down that I pretty much go to once or twice a day.”

Next time you’re in the bay area, we suggest you check out Legion, but we should warn you, it’s hard to leave without purchasing some of the unique and stylish items Sydney curates her shops with.

Natalya G